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Peter Carruthers founded Business Warriors in 2003 to initially help small business owners protect themselves against the personal fallout of business closure.

Although that support is still available, the key focus is far more positive these days. If business closure is the result of too few sales, and all the evidence points that way, then it makes immense sense to help firms sell more, more profitably. We see this as the flipside of the closure coin.

Helping smaller business sell more is now our key focus.


Below is a quick overview of the events and experience that led to forming Business Warriors.

Peter’s timeline:

  • Started his first business, Link Technologies, in Cape Town in 1984, selling data communications solutions to IBM minicomputer users;
  • In 1989 the firm was the third most admired IT firm in SA, behind IBM and HP;
  • The firm closed in 1992 as the market for computer capital equipment died before the 1994 elections;
  • Sold life assurance to small business owners until 1995, asking hundreds of questions while trying to understand why he had lost his home, car, and a pile of money when his business closed;
  • Began consulting with small business owners in 1994, sharing the answers he had gained and the strategies he had developed to protect entrepreneurs from the consequences of business failure;
  • Began sharing these same strategies in the CrashProof your Business seminar in 1995, (a video of the seminar is in the Business Warriors Members’ Area);
  • Took a 6 month sabbatical in late 1999 to see how the Australian business community handled business closures;
  • Started writing a weekly small business blog called PetesWeekly, which continues today;
  • Started Business Warriors in 2003 to offer online guidance and help for small business owners; and to replace a seminar schedule that covered SA,
  • Authored the bestselling book in SA on surviving business closure, CrashProof your Business, in 2003, now in its second edition (2007);
  • Was one the judges in the inaugural Sanlam/SABC Entrepreneur of the Year competition in 2004;
  • Moved to the UK in 2006 on a whim because all six Internet connections in his Durban office broke;
  • That expensive whim led to a change in presenting from offline to online via webinars, the cornerstone of subsequent mentoring programs;
  • Moved to Norway in 2009 (because he is married to a Norwegian, and by now had a Norwegian daughter);
  • Started an intensive online mentorship program in 2009;
  • This led to a partnership with Peter Bowen building Marketing Motor and Sales Motor, tools to help small business owners quickly and easily reach the front page of Google via PPC advertising;
  • This program led to the 12 month online mentorship program World Wide Warriors (which ended March 2013) for folk wanting to develop a portable, purely online business;
  • And finally, returned to Business Warriors in 2013.

Peter Carruthers

Peter currently lives in Norway, commuting to Spain and South Africa. He is married to Caroline, and has three children at home.

He has been diabetic since 1971. His enthusiasm for online business and support stems from an early desire to have a completely portable business.

This portability has formed the basis of three intensive mentorship programs, and he is happy to share the concepts and practice with anyone in the community.

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