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How we help you get more sales...

Daily Sales Ideas

You will get a practical, powerful new sales or marketing idea each day via email.

No matter how much dreaming and planning you do, just one thing separates each of us from great sales results: Execution. At some point we have to take action. That's where most of us struggle.

There is no shortage of excuses to avoid the actions we need to do to get a consistent flow of enquiries and the resultant sales.

Each morning I will email you an idea that is worth just one more sale.

Julio G says this about the daily ideas :

Your daily sales bites or bits are an absolute godsend. They are gentle prods... One particular bite spurred me to action a few months ago.

I promptly picked up the phone to a colleague and client who I knew was opening a new business. This is a call I would not have made unless you prompted me.

Within 5 days of that call I was on a plane and in SA to do three weeks worth of work - all because I phoned.

That work has provided me with enough income to get through to the end of the year.

That email is a tiny bite of sales or marketing magic. You can share these with any relevant person in your business because everyone has some contact with clients, and each of these contacts is a light sales opportunity.

You will read it in less than five minutes. But it will prompt you to take a few minutes to focus on just one more sale. And that will be a little more money in the bank. Then we do it again tomorrow. Small bites, short focus, many sales, and your dreams fulfilled from your desk.

All you need to do to make just one more sale today is to sit down and do it. And that is where we really can help you.

Personal Consulting

When you need help just ask. You will find me in the forum, on email, or on the phone.

We can discuss any challenges you face, and in this role I am your sounding board.

Willem Kamstra says this about the consulting:

Thanks for spending an hour of your time listening and guiding me through the traps of marketing, with regards to what to focus on, and what to leave for later, in marketing my product (office space) in a very competitive environment.

Sharing your theoretical and practical knowledge on the topic of marketing makes me pay the monthly business warrior fee with a smile after being a member for so many years.

Over time we will cover every aspect of your marketing and selling efforts:

  • your enquiry handling process;
  • your website and how it works. including;
    • Google advertising (PPC);
    • Google search engine optimisation (SEO);
    • social media marketing;
    • how well your site reaches the mobile/tablet arena;
  • email marketing, including;
    • how to start your email marketing efforts within 24 hours;
    • finding email addresses of prospects;
    • writing gripping emails that will get read;
    • using technology to automate the processes;
  • offline marketing, including:
    • frankly, anything from brochures to promo gifts via radio to TV;
  • marketing planning to build a rock-solid business.

Over thirty years we have seen it all, and done most of it as well. You get platinum experience spanning almost every industry. You just have to ask.

Mike Lawrie says this about the consulting:

Thank you so much for taking time to look at my email/response/follow up process for gathering leads. Your input is highly valued and I will be implementing the suggestions you have made post haste. It is this type of service that makes my subscription to BW worth its weight in gold.

Finally, we expect you to share these daily emails with anyone in your firm with a marketing or selling role.

Weekly Live Online Training Sessions

Every Tuesday at 8pm SA time we present a 60 minute webinar covering selling skills, marketing skills, and any other skills relevant to small business.

We record each so that you can view it online or download it for later viewing.

Paul Bullock says this about the sessions:

I think you've done an immense amount of good for a lot of people. There has never been a moment when I don't get the feeling that you are doing it 100% wholeheartedly for us. Of course your kids must eat, but that never seems to be the sole motivator - just an ongoing sense of value and I hope that continues to keep your kids plump.

Comprehensive Video Library

You can download all the videos we have recorded in the past two years, or view them online.

Michael J says this about the videos:

Thanks for the huge enema video #2 just gave me...sales , sales ...damn I'm 52, u would think I would have got it by now. I did the post-it on the PC bit works ..but you know that already. I called 3 clients yesterday and converted all of them over R40k in 3 calls...geez what an eye opener.

Below is an extract of the catalogue:

  • 2013/10/29 Email Marketing 3 of 4 - Extracting Email Addresses to build your list
  • 2013/10/29 Email Marketing 2 of 4 - Writing Emails to get results
  • 2013/10/15 Email Marketing 1 of 4 - Why and How
  • 2013/10/08 Site Reviews: Why some Warrior sites cannot work as desired
  • 2013/09/17 12 Week Year - How feasible for BW?
  • 2013/08/11 Deriving Client Value
  • 2013/06/04 QuoteRoller
  • 2013/05/28 Quotes 1
  • 2013/05/21 Selling Services vs Products 2
  • 2013/05/16 Selling Services vs Products 1
  • 2013/04/23 Business Startup issues
  • 2013/04/09 Startups III
  • 2013/04/05 Startups II
  • 2013/03/27 Startups I
  • 2013/03/06 Selling Skills for Shy People Final
  • 2013/02/20 Selling Skills or Shy people IV
  • 2013/02/13 Selling Skills or Shy people III
  • 2013/02/06 Selling Skills or Shy people II
  • 2013/01/30 Selling Skills or Shy people I

We already have more than 150 hours of videos covering skills useful to small businesses.

Your Investment (aka Pricing)

Your monthly investment in getting more sales for your business is US$21.97 per month.

You can cancel at any time, for any reason. If you cancel within your first month we will refund you in full.

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