Amazon Destroying NYC Retail Market

The Amazon Corporation is becoming a substantial force that’s destroying conventional forms of shopping in North America. Even notable towns like New York City have become affected by the continuous changes occurring in retail markets. This was proven again last month when NYC Citizens were informed that the Fairway Grocery Chain would terminate their operations after filing for bankruptcy. However, this isn’t the 1st time that Fairway has filed for bankruptcy, but instead the 2nd.

Traditional retailers have significant fears towards this growingly common scenario, which puts them into positions of pressure to alter their standard shopping services. It’s prompted for corporations like RadioShack and Barney’s to file for bankruptcy twice in the last decade. Most of these claims are registered under Chapter Eleven and Chapter Twenty-Two Scenarios, prompting the opportunity to return to operations at later dates. This was the same case for Fairway, meaning that NYC Citizens could see their grocery brand return to the various burrows.

Business analysts often express that the retail market is one of the sickest and cruellest industries, often prompting for small-scale companies to file for bankruptcy. Throughout the 1980s, 90s and 2000s, these smaller businesses fought against corporations like Walmart and Target. Now it’s corporations like Target and Kmart that are fighting against the continued growth of Amazon. It’s analyzed that throughout 2019, filings for bankruptcy jumped by 22%. This followed after numbers had already increased the year before the smaller figure of 17%. This indicates a continued partnership that’s seeing more consumers leave traditional retail markets for the convenience of Amazon.

The Problems

Numerous issues follow with the increasing demand for Amazon Employees. Most aren’t aware of the horrendous conditions these individuals face, which are considerably worse than conventional retail markets. Problems will follow suit with consumers continuously making the change to Amazon. It’ll force shopping centres to shut down and be replaced with Amazon Shipping Facilities. Those forced to switch jobs over to companies like Amazon face working in conditions that require 15km of daily walking, zero washroom breaks and competition from artificial intelligent-support robots. Supporting the growth of Amazon is detrimental to society in countless ways, which extends to social gatherings and millions of jobs being lost in North America. Unfortunately, the legislation surrounding this company is considerably relaxed and allows for these slave-labour conditions. In the modern era, it’s better to support local retail markets than an invisible entity like Amazon.