Apple’s $53k MacBook

The Apple Corporation updated its MacBook Computers in 2019, providing fans of the operating system a chance to enhance their computing power. However, the cost associated with this new desktop computer has received critical backlash from consumers and critics alike. This is because the most expensive model costs $53,000.00. People could purchase a new vehicle or make a down payment on their home with this associated cost. Below we review what consumers receive with the top-tier model from Apple and which notable critics have iterated their disappointment in the price.

The 2019 MacBook Pro costs a minimum of $5,999.00 for the baseline model. This provides you with outdated components similar to Intel products from 2017, and an un-updated operating system. The additional costs to reach the $53 thousand price tag includes the addition of a specialized processor, which costs $7,000.00. The high-grade RAM costs $25,000.00 with option add-ons at $2,000.00. Additional add-ons include a specialized trackpad, rolling wheels, and afterburner accelerator cards. Purchasing all of these add-ons, without the inclusion of the monitor, costs $52,999.00.

Critics and technology analysts have confirmed that not even 1% of the market will purchase the highest-rated model for the 2019 MacBook pro. Most critics are telling consumers to avoid Apple’s computing products and instead look into windows-based products. The best-rated laptops for the Windows 10 operating system include the Dell XP5 and Asus VivoBook Pro. Those products cost less than $2,000.00 and provide higher-grade specifications than the $53,000.00 MacBook.

The Backlash

Two notable YouTube Critics revealed the high price to public consumers. MKHBD and UnboxTherapy provided exclusive content that showed the associated cost with the fully-specked out model of the 2019 MacBook Pro. UnboxTherapy, who is known for providing his viewers with additional options, mentioned multiple other products consumers could purchase instead. He boasted the Lenovo ThinkPad Series, which provides a simplistic design but some of the best computing power known to windows laptops. MKHBD didn’t go this route, instead of boasting about how powerful and amazing the new MacBook will operate. He did this fully knowing that none of his viewers can afford such a product, indicating that he was paid by Apple Inc to advertise this product to a limited group.