Atari Hotel Shows Concept Art

The GSD Holding Group announced in 2020 that they’d create resorts themed around gaming properties from Atari. Their announcement quickly garnered online traction & became a viral sensation, prompting investor interest. This holding corporation has now shown concept art regarding their upcoming Atari-themed hotels, which saw notable inclusions of other characters from additional properties like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Concept art provides an inside look into what GSD Holdings plans for their Atari resorts, with a particular emphasis on cyberpunk designs. This follows the overall aesthetic associated with the Atari brand. GSD Holdings clarified that concept art was exclusively for their Las Vegas-established hotel, which is slated to arrive in 2022. The Vegas Atari hotel is being themed around the Galactica Mothership, which’ll surely draw older fans of video games to the hotel property.

Las Vegas isn’t the entire city receiving an Atari resort & hotel. It’s been confirmed that Austin, San Francisco, Denver, Seattle, San Jose, Chicago, and Phoenix will all receive an Atari resort. What will make each respective location unique is alterations of design & aesthetic. It means that each Atari hotel & resort will have a different theme from existing properties. GSD Holdings Group believes that similar to Six Flags resorts or Disney hotels; loyal consumers will travel the United States to experience each rendition of an Atari-themed alternative.

Entertainment Options

Additional confirmations were made with the concept of art reveal. It was confirmed that modern amenities are being provided for content creators & eSport supporters. This will include Retro Arcades, Augmented Reality Arcades, and Virtual Reality Arcades. Further entertainment comprises of a Merchandise Retail store with each resort, and themed-restaurants or bars. Specific locations will permit the introduction of nightclubs.

The GSD Holdings Group released an official statement alongside the concept of art unveiling. It was confirmed that their primary goal moving forward is to create an immersive experience representative of the Atari branding. Promises were evoked that each Atari resort & hotel will provide an authentic experience that’s unique from the last location. It was also announced that each hotel room would support an “Atari VCS Console” rebuilt for the modern era.