Challenges with Creating an Effective COVID-19 Vaccine

Doctor Anthony Fauci revealed disturbing evidence that’s put fear into the hearts of millions worldwide. The Head Advisor for COVID-19 to President Donald Trump informed global populations that creating an effective vaccine that maintains 98% immunity is unlikely. Fauci scientifically indicated that most vaccinations used by humanity support a 50% to 75% immunity percentage, including the Influenza Vaccine. There have been few to overcome this rate because of limitations in the manufacturing of vaccinations with current technologies.

The global scientific community have expressed their hope to reach 75% immunity with the COVID-19 vaccine. However, Doctor Anthony Fauci & other members in this community have indicated that the minimum immunity percentage of 50% would be permitted. This information became public from Fauci when attending “Brown University School of Public Health”.

Here a Q&A Session was held, where a student asked on the rate of effectiveness for the upcoming vaccine. His answers were grim & showed that globally were far from defeating this virus, with it likely being similar to Influenza. Populations will continue to die until humanity gains a balance of natural & manufactured immunity. Then COVID-19 will turn similarly into the common cold, which was the same outline for Influenza when it first appeared in 1918.

Doctor Anthony Fauci clarified that the COVID-19 vaccine isn’t meant to save humanity from this virus. It’s instead meant to allow our species to stop the pandemic, allowing COVID-19 to re-enter “Epidemic Status”. Additional tools & medications would then be required over the following years as experts continued to solve mysteries hidden in this viruses’ genomes.

Competition Could Thrive Higher Immunity Percentages

There is one attribute that could allow the COVID-19 vaccination to see higher percentages than previously indicated throughout history, with that being multiple drug administration companies have begun their version of the coronavirus vaccine. Some companies could produce a 50% immunity, with others reaching 75%. Few medical experts hope & believe that a percentage of 80% or higher is possible.

Answers on which vaccination is most potent will be revealed between December 2020 – February 2021, with manufacturing expected to take additional several months. Human trials have begun with Moderna & Pfizer, with their results scheduled to be revealed by October 2020. Thirty thousand are receiving the pre-emptive COVID-19 vaccination.