Coca-Cola Launches Subscription Service in America

The Coca-Cola Corporation announced that its loyal fanatic would receive exclusive inside access to their upcoming beverage. This is a particular marketing campaign from the company, which hasn’t released this product to shelves in the United States. The dominating beverage manufacturer is releasing more than twenty new drinks throughout 2020, with a thousand of their most loyal customers receiving early access to what’s coming. Most of these future products aren’t known to the public, with only their upcoming energy drinks receiving an official announcement. However, it’s not surprising that they’re releasing an additional twenty beverages in 2020. Coca-Cola operates 3,900 beverage options throughout 200 nations worldwide.

The Digital Experiences Manager with the North American Division of Coca-Cola is excited about this innovative product. He noted that they’re regularly looking for new strategies that can innovate the customer experience with their products. This manager expressed that consumers want multiple choices that are customizable and convenient, which is a challenging task for any corporation. However, the manager believes that this insider club will provide the diversity needed in the market. Depending on their reactions, some of these twenty beverages could be cancelled going forward. Their genuine fans will inform them best of the results.

These insiders are expected to provide the Coca-Cola corporation with information regarding these beverages, which will allow the consumers to receive one shipment monthly. This could include anything from their energy drink to sparkling water, with each consignment maintaining a different beverage. These consumers have also been requested not to provide these products to friends or families. However, it should be noted that these one thousand individuals must pay a subscription fee of $10.00 for six months to acquire these shipment packages. Once completed, packages will continuously arrive at your front doorstep.


The Coca-Cola Corporation began this product to increase its E-Commerce Market. This method is a test to determine how well their loyal customers react. If the subscription service is maintained for the entire six months amongst the complete one thousand consumers, Coca-Cola will implement this service in North America. The corporation informed marketing directors that one of the anticipated drinks is Coke Cinnamon, providing a similar taste to mixed alcohol. It’s expected that this product won’t adhere well amongst loyalists, with some claiming that flavouring like caramel or oranges could increase the taste of Coca-Cola drastically.

Regardless, the future of E-Commerce with Coca-Cola is entirely dependant on how their loyalist fans react to the 20+ beverages being released throughout six months. It should be noted that not even consumers will receive identical drinks, as they’re sent out by the random.