Detroit Auto Show Cancelled for 2020

The Covid-19 Pandemic has seen an additional cancellation, with this closure affecting the automotive industry. Organizers announced that the 2020 Detroit Auto Show had been terminated moving forward. This was formed after the American Government selected this destination for a “Federal Emergency Management Administration Centre”. This marks the 3rd automotive show to be terminated or postponed amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic. Additional cancellations include the New York International Auto Show and The Geneva. Car enthusiasts and industry members have been disappointed with these closures, almost halting the automotive industry for 2020.

It should be mentioned that the Detroit Auto Show is now named the “North American International Auto Show”. It won’t see guests until June 2021 at the TCF Center, with detailed information being provided from an inside source. Details on that individual weren’t equipped for safety purposes, with this information not having been made public originally. It forced organizers to confirm the closures before their anticipated timelines. It’s not known how many auto manufacturers will lose out on the cancellation, with Ford and Dodge often spending millions on displays.

Organizers didn’t confirm the closures until March 28th, where it was expressed that everyone was disappointed with the announcement. The main concern though is the safety and health of the Michigan, Detroit citizens. We’ve also got to support the international community and ensure that travelling is limited. The Executive Director of the North American International Auto Show indicated that returned funds would be added into 2021s budget. This means supporters could have the wildest & insane automotive show to date by June 2021.

Michigan Becomes An Epicenter

The Michigan Region in Detroit has become a Covid-19 Epicenter for the American Federal Government. The state confirmed more than 4650 cases of Covid-19 throughout Michigan, which included 100+ deaths. The local government chose the TCF Center for an administration centre because of its proximity to hospitals. It’ll allow for information to be sent quickly and reaction times to be prompt. Regardless, long-time supporters of Detroit’s most famous automotive show have become a significant disappoint. It should be noted that auto manufacturers like Ford have approved this decision. Ultimately if an outbreak were to occur, employees would become infected as well.