EA Sports UFC 3 Review

A two-year cycle should be more than enough time for a developer to generate noticeable improvements from one video game release to the next, especially when it comes to the sports genre. The EA UFC 2 video game was released on March 2016, more than two years ago, giving EA Sports plenty of time to work on several kinks and bugs, while improving on the positives. When EA UFC 3 was initially released, gamers were allowed to have high expectations for such a popular game. Well, the game made quite an impact.

Predictably Beautiful

Since the EA UFC franchise started, the game has managed to produce exceptional visual quality. It’s rather easy to take this for granted in the world of sports video games because all of them look incredible on our screens. However, it’s worth reminding players when a video game such as UFC 3 goes above and beyond the expectations of players in terms of graphics.

The new UFC 3 also comes equipped with a remarkable selection of fighters, allowing gamers to choose from more than 230 fighters in total. Players will also fall in love with the designs of the arenas. From the graphical point alone, you can understand why UFC 3 is going to take the world by storm.

The Fights Are Entertaining

It’s difficult to pinpoint why fighting is so entertaining. The game comes with an element that provides tons of intense action, yet slow enough to create an incredible strategy. UFC 3 is jam-packed with these features. The striking is the strong suit to this series, and its technical aspect makes it that much better. While grappling was a concern in the past, it seemed to flow effortlessly with the striking aspect of the game.

Defence, clinch attacks, submissions, and other components when it comes to grappling are still entirely reserved to more advanced fighters. However, we feel that the development team behind UFC 3 have found the perfect balance between logical difficulty levels and user-functionality in this section of the game.

The improvements made to a fighter’s vulnerability, proficiency, and stamina has also been better balanced in the latest version of the game. For instance, when you are defeated by stoppage, you’ll quickly understand why it occurred instead of screaming at your screen with frustration.

Interesting Audio

Like most UFC fighters, along with Dana White as president, the soundtracks in the game pull absolutely no punches in terms of language. While this might not be for everyone, it perfectly suits the product’s identity so that no one can complain about the music flavour of the game. Soundtracks are created to deliver the vibes of the game with the consumer while connecting with the product’s identity and we feel it’s been accomplished in the new UFC 3.

During KO mode, you will have the option to enjoy commentary from Snoop Dogg, Jon Anik, or even Joe Rogan. However, if you don’t feel like having any comments, you can switch it off too.