HyperSpace Review

Gamers familiar with the Battle Royale format haven’t seen innovations in gameplay for nearly two years, as Fortnite has dominated the space & created all enhancements that are typically copied by competing games. This has changed with the introduction of “Hyper Space from Ubisoft”. It’s the 1st time that Ubisoft has released a Battle Royale-styled title, taking on gameplay elements that haven’t been seen in competing games. This includes the introduction of fast-paced running & gunning that averages an in-game speed of 80kph, with “Jumping Ports” launching players 200+ feet into the air. This creates unique opportunities for destroying opponents in versatile & unexpected ways.

The conventional methods used in Battle Royale formatted games are engaged with HyperSpace. This means consumers are forced to survive in a closing circle while looking for new weapons and hunting for nearby enemies. The action in most Battle Royale games grows tenfold as the “Game Circle” continues to close, forcing the select remaining few to compete in small quarters for 1st place. HyperSpace alters these core elements in specific ways, with the primary being the “Game Circle” closing unexpectedly. Certain quadrants located through Hyper Spaces map close every few minutes, with those closures being entirely random, and not following the circle format.

Negative Reviews from Critics & Gamers

Alterations in gameplay extend towards the implementation of vertically influenced gameplay through the environment. This means traversing tall buildings while managing minimal loot. Most reviewers agree that there hasn’t been a Battle Royale game to feel so fast-paced. However, this works against HyperSpace & not for it. Players have reported the speeds being nauseating or anxiety-inducing.

Gamers & reviewers have also expressed that the Battle Royale format used by Ubisoft is inconsistent, leaning into the randomness attribute. There is purposely limited weapons with low power options & zero special abilities. Reports also suggest that the map is convoluted, while also being hard to understand and strategize around for targeted attacks. All these reports indicate that Ubisoft has to massively upgrade their game before their small player base disappears back into Fortnite, Warzone, or Apex Legends.