Ikea Reopens in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has continuously proven themselves ignorant towards the unsafe conditions of COVID-19. This was proven again as thousands lined up to show inside Ikea, which reopened nineteen locations throughout Northern Ireland & England. The concept of purchasing this unneeded furniture to leave the house after the lockdown period merely has received notable backlash. A 2nd wave of the novel coronavirus could inflict the United Kingdom because of these poorly minded individuals.

Ikea Corporate confirmed in their return announcement that 100 consumers would be permitted at one time, causing for the delayed lines that spanned multiple neighbourhoods in various areas of England. The safety concerns regarding the vast number of consumers appearing at Ikea locations prompted for parking lots to enter closure status. Designated walkways were then implemented to ensure consumers didn’t leave the permitted grounds of that respective Ikea location.

Lines began appearing at 5:40 am, four hours earlier than when the locations were slated to open their doors. Ikea Representatives praised these consumers for their dedication & patience, noting that their resolve towards purchasing Swedish Furniture will pursue them onwards to continue operations. There are some concerns that the government will disband Ikea from remaining open if extensive limitations aren’t placed onto these lines. Some have requested that a maximum of 100 civilians be permitted to line-up outside, with all others being informed to return home.

Criticism towards the ignorant safety measures enacted by UK Civilians was seen across Britain, Ireland, Scotland, and the Welsh Islands. Naysayers warned that these individuals are drastically risking their lives & will most likely catch COVID-19 if safety measures aren’t readvised. Others said that these ignorant civilians proved themselves foolish my complaining online about the long lines, showing their mentality is all about “Me” and not “Everyone Else”. Selfish behaviour of this nature will prompt an inevitable second wave of COVID-19.

Safety measures

Ikea Representatives clarified that their implementing every strategic possible to keep consumers safe inside their buildings but noted that their involvement in the safety of UK Civilians could not be imposed in these line-ups. This shows that Ikea is more concerned about regaining profits than protecting the consumers that garner those funds.