Is Ashes Cricket the Ultimate Cricket Video Game on Consoles?

It makes perfect sense that Big Ant Studios have decided to step away from Don Brandman to partner up with the English and Australian cricket boards for the newest cricket game. While Ashes cricket is nothing like Don Bradman, it certainly is Steve Smith that is capable of producing reliable, exciting, and confident cricket on every ball that is delivered.

Controls Received Huge Improvements

The new Ashes cricket game from Big Ant Studios is close to being perfect. One element that has seen considerable improvements in the latest addition is the analogue control setup that works beautifully with batting while staying quite tricky when it comes to bowling.

While the analogue system received quite a lot of focus this time around, players will still have the option only to use buttons in the game, allowing newcomers to get the hang of the controls before switching over to something more difficult and challenging. You will still have the ability to control front and back foot shots, different lines, delivery types, and lengths, but it feels much more comfortable and more relaxed with buttons as opposed to the analogue sticks.

AI System in the Ashes Cricket Game

The AI in the new cricket game is considerably smarter and more intelligent than ever before. This is especially true in the way the field is adjusted to block your favourite shots, ensuring you don’t accumulate a massive score by playing the same shots over and over again. However, it still struggles to understand that acceleration is needed on limited overs, but always gives a decent fight to players when it comes to human behaviour.

While the AI is not entirely on par with humans, the graphics indeed resemble them a lot more than before. This is especially true when you consider that the game is fully licensed to provide both English and Australian cricket squads and we were quite impressed with the resemblance of each player. You will also appreciate the fact that all the brilliant players are included in the game, ranging from Ben Stokes to Sarah Taylor from the Women’s cricket side.

HUD Improvements

Another excellent feature in the Ashes Cricket game is the HUD improvements that provide a more immersive cricket experience. For instance, you’ll be able to get valuable information on player confidence and stamina, score, the run rate required, and more on the HUD alone. However, it still doesn’t come close to the game offered by 2K or EA Sports.
If you make an astonishing shot during the game, you will have the ability to watch it all in slow-motion as well, which is a nice touch to the overall gameplay. The new Ashes cricket game impresses in a wide range of areas and is considered a full-featured, approachable, and entertaining cricket game well worth your time and money. With a couple of future patches, this game will become a favourite among cricket fans around the world.