McDonald’s Extends Closure of American Dining Rooms

Dining rooms for McDonald’s across the United States are postponing their reopening. This follows after COVID-19 infections surge nationwide, with Anti-Maskers refusing to abide by social distancing protocols. This additional postponement period will sustain itself for thirty days, marking the 2nd from their primary closure of dining rooms in March. McDonald’s had postponed their opening of dining rooms on July 30th for the same period of thirty days, hoping that infections would diminish. They’ve instead grown tenfold.

Franchisees aren’t being forced into abiding by the same protocols as Corporate stores. McDonald’s clarified that those who have reopened dining rooms will be allowed to keep them open or shut them down immediately. Stores that hadn’t relaunched their dining room services will be forced to wait until August 30th. That’ll mark the date when McDonald’s postponing of reopening dining rooms could be ended. Increased or consistent infections of coronavirus will prompt another postponement.

McDonald’s is taking another step & defining the fast food industry during the novel coronavirus. Customers needing to purchase food from the drive-thru, or the few open dining rooms will be required to wear face masks. McDonald’s is installing updated glass panels to their Drive-Thrus and Dining Rooms, with franchisees being forced into this safety measure & having to pay out of pocket. It’ll guarantee that employed personnel are protected from the virus.

Multiple retailers in the United States of America have begun forcing consumers to wear face masks, indicating it’s for their safety & the protection of others. Hundreds of online videos show mentally disturbed civilians reacting in aggressive & childish manners when told to wear a face mask. These individuals are ultimately removed off-premise, with largescale retailers providing their workforces with the necessary training for dealing with off-hand customers.

Profits Aren’t Diminishing.

The McDonald’s Company has managed to remain under the same profit margins that were seen throughout 2019, marking the independent fast-food corporation not to sustain losses during COVID-19. McDonald’s confirmed that their market value remains at $152 Billion, making them again one of the most prominent companies worldwide. Their wealth extends beyond that of multiple nations & competing corporations.