Minecraft Dungeons Becomes Cross-Compatible

Cross-compatibility is becoming an influential factor associated with online gaming, with developers receiving regular requests from players to support multiplayer across all generations. Individual titles are limited to what consoles cross-compatibility can be maintained, with tasking games like Modern Warfare & Cyberpunk 2077 requiring recent consoles for usage. Titles that aren’t graphically intensive can take another approach with cross-compatibility, enabling players from each console to compete with each other. That method of multiplayer has been initiated by Mojang, developers of “Minecraft Dungeons”.

It was announced on November 16th that Minecraft Dungeons has become compatible with the PlayStation4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Support will be released for the Xbox Series X, PlayStation5, and Xbox Series S in 2021. Gamers that have stood-by the Minecraft brand have requested this feature for more than one year, meaning anticipation amongst fans is growing for the update. Raiding dungeons with friends & family for young children will be reachable on new levels. Until November 30th, players are required to sustain platform-based multiplayer. It means that for an additional two weeks, Minecraft Dungeons online mode is available under the branded operating system. (PC, PlayStation, Xbox).

Differences Between Minecraft & Minecraft Dungeons

Gamers worldwide are familiar with Minecraft, with the game holding dominance for millions of players since 2009. The original game isn’t anything like Minecraft Dungeons, with the initial version of “Minecraft” supported to this day. Original iterations of this series saw gamers building & mining for various elements, enabling unique structures to become constructed. Minecraft Dungeons requires gamers to hack & slash their way through procedurally generated worlds that have monsters, treasures, boss fights, puzzles, and massive rewards.

Minecraft Dungeons permitted an online multiplayer mode since launch with exclusive playability to that respective platform. Children will often support different consoles, with this update removing the former issue of interconnectivity. Players experiencing the latest update are recommended to purchase & download the second DLC for Minecraft Dungeons, “Creeping Winter DLC”.