New Mass Effect Game Announced by Bioware

Nearly ten years have passed since the 3rd entry into the Mass Effect universe was release, concluding the story of Captain Shepard. Fans requested that Bioware release an HD Remaster for PlayStation & Xbox, which was given to consumers but received horribly by supporters. Graphics weren’t improved, and neither was gameplay, creating an outdated experience that left fans continuing to request a genuine remaster.

After a prolonged wait, November 7th saw Bioware announce the “Mass Effect Legendary Edition” for Spring 2021. It will be released for the PlayStation4, Xbox One, and PC. This has led fans to question if the previous remaster will be removed for the updated version. Bioware hasn’t provided any details on that matter but did emphasis that all DLC & additional story content released throughout the first three Mass Effects are arriving with the Legendary Edition.

Remaster Details

The Vice President & General Manager for Bioware, Casey Hudson, spoke on the upcoming remaster. It was revealed that for nearly twelve months, the developers at Bioware had worked diligently towards enhancing models, textures, effects, shaders, and technical figures for three largescale games. Casey Hudson mentioned that the goal with “Mass Effect Legendary Edition” wasn’t to remake the original series but instead modernize the experience for current expectations.

This means that complaints issued with the original remaster were heard & will be solved with the Legendary Edition. Though this remaster isn’t releasing initially for the PlayStation5 or Xbox Series X, feedback to the announcement has been generally positive.

Bioware is releasing the Legendary Edition in 4K UHD, allowing for the adventures of Commander Shepard & N7s Crew to experience gameplay with faster framerates & enhanced graphics. When “Mass Effect Legendary Edition” is inevitably ported to the Xbox Series X and PlayStation5, Bioware has confirmed that gameplay will be supported in 8K. It should be clarified that announcements made by Casey Hudson extended beyond the Legendary Edition.

Bioware’s Vice President confirmed that a 5th instalment into the Mass Effect franchise is being created, and then showcased its first piece of concept artwork. Details regarding the upcoming instalment weren’t revealed to gamers, with more information slated to arrive by E3 2021.