One-Way Aisles at American Walmart’s

The Walmart Company is testing a variety of social distancing measures for the potential of a 2nd and 3rd outbreak. These measures would influence Walmart’s stance with future pandemics worldwide, with superbugs slated to arrive in 20+ years. One of the latest measures implemented at Walmart was introduced in Texas, with this selective chain taking the required steps suggested by the WHO and CDC. Those steps include wearing face masks, checking the temperatures of employees, and limiting the number of customers allowed in-store. Walmart corporate introduced the 4th measure to this Texas location, with customers now witnessing green arrows that guide them up & down the various aisles. It ensures that consumers won’t cross path with each other while purchasing their groceries or essential items.

Depending on how the testing of these measures do within this Texas location, they could be implemented nationwide when a secondary wave inevitably hits. PR Representatives with Walmart Corporate indicated that updated signage could be implemented, which would read “Shop this Way” and “Do Not Shop this Way”. It’d be a more direct way to inform civilians were to traverse in-store.

The Managing Director of Public Relations with Walmart mentioned that signage would continue to be implemented throughout stores where social distancing is required. Once consumers have paid for their particular items, they’ll be informed to exit the building immediately by security. Enforcement measures are to guarantee that consumers don’t pass each other when exiting the building, which has been challenging for grocery retailers to overcome. It should be mentioned that the Public Relations Director didn’t specify how many locations will inevitably receive these measures during the 1st wave of COVID-19.

Canadian Walmart’s Not Following Suit

The Walmart Company – Canada Division, hasn’t implemented similar measures to their United States counterparts. Social distancing is being limited to consumers waiting in an outdoor line. When one customer leaves, another may enter. Walking into a Walmart facility throughout Canada will see hundreds of shoppers in one location, with mass gathering protocols often being disobeyed. That’s because the Canadian retailer can afford the associated fines with breaking social distancing. Medical experts throughout Canada have expressed that shopping with Sobeys, Metro, and Zerhs is best suited for social distancing.