Star Wars Squadrons Review

Electronic Arts have released its latest video game under the Star Wars IP. Named Star Wars: Squadrons, the popularity of this title has grown in recent months. Gameplay showed that there wasn’t any Jedi or Sith competing against each other for glory. No, this title focuses on the flight of iconic vehicles in the Star Wars universe. Dedicated fans of the franchise can take control of a Tie Fighter or X-Wing. Mechanics associated with Star Wars: Squadrons is extensive, supporting a familiar aesthetic to flight simulators. This means challenging gameplay & ample rewards whenever an enemy is defeated.

Star Wars: Squadrons begins when the Death Star attacks Alderaan, the planet from the 1st film in this nine-movie saga. Afterwards, Imperial Forces are given the task to locate Rebel Survivors & eliminate their ships that survived the blast. A short battle meant for teaching players the mechanics ensue, and switches between multiple iconic moments from the initial three films. Players are then positioned to Single-Player or Multiplayer battles, which are exuberant of actions & unexpected moments that’ll lead fans of Star Wars into an addictive state.

Game Details

Fourteen missions are supported through the core storyline, with each level having prolonged interactions & supporting visual details that are woven into detailed battles. It creates a Hollywood-esc scene that can distract from the core gameplay. Storyline wise, Republic forces are meant to fight against the Empire & eliminate an offensive weapon named “Project Starhawk”.

Gamers unfamiliar with flight simulators quickly learn that the learning curve is steep & extensive education is required to understand the power-management system. Mastering these systems ensures that you’ll have better support during multiplayer matches. It’s recommended to compete in the single-player mode until the gameplay mechanics are understood.

Enemies are engaging you while targeting objectives, meaning that dogfighting skillsets are required to outpace & defeat opposing pilots. Everything is experienced through the First-Person Perspective, making it more challenging than most would expect. Thousands will likely get frustrated & turn away from Star Wars: Squadrons. However, for those willing to learn, and experience of pure adrenaline awaits.

Star Wars: Squadrons is available for the PlayStation4, Xbox One, and PC for $79.99. Electronic Arts have confirmed that Squadrons will have a dedicated version for the PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X, while also permitting the PS5 & Xbox One versions to support backwards-compatibility.