Team Sonic Racing Review

Team Sonic Racing is considered the third time Sumo Digital as the developer and Sega as the publisher created a Sonic-themed racing game, and this time around, they have decided to exclude all the older figureheads and mascots from Sega and solely focus on the blue hedgehog along with his cohorts.

This is a dangerous move on the developer and publisher’s part, but then again, when you consider the price tag of $40, featuring reused content and lack of significant features, everything about this game’s core design is somewhat risky to be perfectly honest. The new Team Sonic Racing game still provides a fantastic time even though it does have a few shortcomings.

A Brand-New Adventure

There’s no denying that the adventure mode embedded in the game is the best single-player component that you will find in Team Sonic Racing. This mode will allow you to familiarize yourself with the mechanics of the game, while also being able to embark on a terrific story based on teamwork and the power behind it.

With adventure mode, you can necessarily choose between quirky mini-games or standard races to advance through the story. This gives players more freedom in how they would like to complete the seven chapters infused into the game. The mini-games are perfect for those that get tired of the three-lap races, allowing you to drift to glory or even blow up some robots. The only downside to adventure mode is that it doesn’t promote replayability. There’s also no meaningful reward at the end of adventure mode which makes it dull and boring.

Characters and Tracks

When it comes to the tracks and characters in the game, it’s essential to know that the game lacks in both areas. You will notice that most of the records have been pulled from the Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing game coupled with even older tracks as well. There’s a total of 21 tracks available in the game and a quarter of them have been around since 2010. You might also be disappointed with the fact that the new tracks don’t add anything extra to your racing experience. This essentially means that lap 1 is precisely the same as lap 3. There are no transformations or changes to the tracks.

As for the game’s characters, you will be introduced to a total of 15 on the roster which is somewhat limited as there are no more Sega characters either. However, you will be greeted by a bunch of bizarre characters, including the Big The Cat character and the Sonic from Lost World. Thankfully, most of the characters are well-designed and provide an extra layer of colour to your racing experience. The only downside to these characters is that their voices are downright unbearable.