Tesla’s European Gigafactory Experiences Delays

The Tesla Incorporated Company received a federal court order from German authorities following February 16th. This court order demands that Tesla immediately stop all clearing efforts regarding forest land in Berlin. Tesla is currently developing its 1st European Battery & Car Factory, which saw them destroy multiple habits for Berlin. It prompted local environmental activists to protest their actions, noting that destroying these eco-systems goes against the primary nature of Tesla Inc.

Protests regarding the 1st European factory for Tesla Inc were held between December 31st and January 18th. This made it one of the most extended environment protests in German history, with it primarily being held in Berlin near the Gruenheide Design Centre. Legislators in Germany are infamous for listening to locals, with the Gigafactory first being announced in November 2019. Destruction of these forest lands immediately started after the announcement. The Higher Berlin Administrative Court deemed these actions credible, allowing Tesla to destroy ninety-two hectares of forest land for the Gigafactory if legally approved for construction. This substantial space is large enough to be seen from space, forcing millions of animals from their environments. This decision from Tesla will see an overwhelming impact on European and global climates, showing that Elon Musk is genuinely more concerned with money than saving our planet.

The Germany-Wide Backlash

The Higher Berlin Administrative Court will hold additional hearings regarding the Gigafactory, determining if Tesla will be permitted to build this facility. Destroying these forest environments have been made in anticipation of the Gigafactory being approved. This means that the potential cancelling the project could mean millions of trees killed for no reason. Environment analysts anticipate that if this project is cancelled, the HBAC will demand that this forest land is replanted by Tesla and maintained to regrow the environments.

The court provided legal statements to Tesla, expressing that they shouldn’t assume they’ll receive legal protection or approval. It should be noted that German political parties like the Free Democrats and Christian Democrats have demanded that legal war will be waged if the Gigafactory is approved. This means that multiple notable outfits in German politics are disavowing this project, with local citizens following this mentality. The opposition is extensive, which will force the Higher Berlin Administrative Court to cancel this project or face substantial backlash. It seems that Elon Musk and Tesla will be forced to reforest the numerous hectares destroyed for this un-approved Gigafactory.