The Best BMX Video Games on Android

BMX is a fun and entertaining activity in real life. However, when the weather is not giving you a chance to try new tricks and skills, you will need to resort to something else to get your fix. This is where video games come into play, and the best part about sports video games like BMX is that you can take in just about anywhere you choose as most of them will allow you to play on your Android device. However, how on earth do you know which BMX sports video game is the best for your Android device? Thankfully, we are here to answer just that with our list of the best BMX video games for your Android device.


This can be considered an above-average BMX mobile game. It comes with 3D graphics and will allow you to perform a bunch of neat tricks. You are also welcome to design your very own BMX park, and it will enable you to customize your character as you tackle three different game modes. You will also find a progression system to enhance your tricks the more you play significantly, and the best part about this game is the fact that it’s free to play.

King of Dirt

This is one of the most popular BMX mobile games you will find on your Android device. It impresses with incredible graphics, simplistic controls, and a wide range of customization options for your character. You can also take advantage of 20 different tricks and skills, a first-person view, and an array of maps to enjoy along with a competition element to complete the whole package. It’s free to play, and you’ll be able to record your run thanks to a built-in recorder.

Pumped BMX 3

This is regarded as a 2.5D BMX mobile game that offers a plethora of fresh content. This includes 60 different levels, two dozen tracks, 15 different characters, and 750 unique challenges. Your primary goal is to complete each challenge and every single level in the game. The problems range between easy to extremely difficult. The only downside to this incredible game is that nothing is free. You will need to pay $3.99 to get the game. However, once that amount is paid, you’ll have access to everything.

Shred 2

This is more of a mountain bike game, as opposed to a BMX game, but it’s still tons of fun and very entertaining. It shares loads of elements with that of a BMX game where you can hit gigantic hills and ramps to perform insane tricks. It’s also one of the fastest mobile games at the moment that impresses with 2.5D graphics. You might not have the freedom to roam around in the virtual world, but you will be introduced to tons of large ramps that will allow you to perform sick tricks and let’s face it, that’s why you download a game like this.