The Best Snowboarding Games Ever Created

Between 1996 and 2005, there was a total of 11 snowboarding game releases that ranged from Amped and SSX through to Cool Boarders. This means that there was an average of one game per year. Apart from the devastating comeback from SSX in 2012, the number of snowboarding titles from big-budget companies is precisely zero. That’s snow laughing matter at all. So, although you won’t find a decent snowboarding game in today’s day and age, we decided to take a look at some of the most memorable snowboarding games that were ever created.


SSX was the original, and to most players out there, still the greatest snowboarding game that was ever released on PlayStation 2. It managed to bring the sport to a new level when the console was launched in 2000. Although it hasn’t aged well over time, it provided a critical breakthrough for the sport and the video game industry thanks to the introduction of gravity-defying moves, authentic-looking snow, and audiences and fans that went berserk when you landed an incredible move.

Cool Boarders 3

When you search for Cool Boarders 3 on the internet, you’ll come across favourable reviews because the game was completely different from its predecessors during the late 90s. It’s necessarily the only Cool Boarders edition worth visiting as well as it provided 11 boards and 13 different characters to deliver a wide range of diversity across numerous sporting events, including Big Air. You also had the power to perform five-button tricks and gain enormous points if you landed them. However, to nail one massive trick took days of intense practice.

Amped 2

Amped 2 was first released in 2003 on the Xbox platform exclusively, and the one aspect that seemed to draw loads of attention was the incredible career mode. The only way you could advance in your career mode was by performing ollies, flips, and spins. You just had to make sure that each of your tricks was played in front of interested photographers that were usually scattered everywhere across the course. You also need to locate eight different snowmen on the trail, which provided a new challenge for gamers.

Dark Summit

Rednecks, radioactive gunk, and land miles all featured in this snowboarding game that was released in 2002 on Xbox and PlayStation 2. Dark Summit might not have been the best simulator when it comes to snowboarding games, but it provided something unique and new. Your mission was to overcome a sheriff that was hiding at the top of a mountain. The path to success was to compete in challenges and races while destroying various stuff.


This was undoubtedly one of the best snowboarding games ever created, providing a fantastic career mode, tons of additional features, and a tremendous selection of tricks and skills that were never matched by another game since. It’s still a fun and entertaining game to play and worth a download if you feel nostalgic.