The Most-Played Sports Games of All Time

While sports enthusiasts love to witness their teams claw and scratch to victory, most of them yearn for the power to control the decisions and movements themselves through an entertaining simulation. Sports video games not only provides the unique opportunity to stimulate the hopes and dreams of playing on the field but also allows gamers to be in control of the entire game as general manager. The games listed below managed to evolve sports games to what they are today and are still considered the most played sports games in the world.


For those that avoid soccer, there’s no doubt that a FIFA game will quickly change your mind. This is especially true when FIFA 10 was released to the world as it featured improved gameplay functionality, a revamped Manager Mode, and a Virtual Pro mode, allowing a footballer to play four different seasons. FIFA 10 combined realistic performances, engaging gameplay, and jaw-dropping graphics.


Even though it wasn’t the most accurate representation of a match in boxing, it did create a bright future for boxing fans when the game was initially released more than two decades ago. It also managed to give the cultural influence of Mike Tyson a boost and provided fans with a new outlook when it came to boxing. You needed precise timing, rhythm, and sheer determination to win at this game.

NBA 2K11

With more than 5.5 million copies sold worldwide, it should come as no surprise that NBA 2K11 managed to cement itself as one of the best sports video games ever created. The game features improved graphics and gameplay functionality and offered loads of different modes to keep players intrigued. Since this release, the franchise has expanded like you can’t believe.

Tecmo Super Bowl

This game was initially released in 1991 and was considered the first game to receive licensing privileges to provide real attributes and names of NFL players and teams. With previous games only being able to use one or the other, gamers were left without a real simulation game. Thankfully, the game offered all the stats from the 1990 season and players could quickly fall in love as the season could be played indefinitely.

Snowboard Super Cross 3

EA Sports was pleased to introduce the third edition of SSX, featuring over 260 mountain cams along with a wide variety of new and improved tricks. With relaxing music, improved graphics, and wide open spaces to pull off some sick tricks, it’s no wonder the game sold more than 1.3 million copies on the PlayStation 2.

Three on 3 NHL Arcade

For fans of this game, there’s no doubt that whoosh and blorp ring endlessly. From the start of the game, the fast-paced action unfolds along with blows and noises to get the adrenaline pumping. The game used to offer single player and multiplayer mode and offered power-ups to give you the necessary edge on the ice.