Things We Want in WWE 2K20

We can’t be the only ones that are concerned about the fact that we haven’t heard anything with regards to the new WWE 2K20, right? When you consider that the game usually launches around October and there hasn’t been any news regarding upcoming features, roster, or the gameplay functionality, no one can deny that this is strange. A game will be released this year, but the lack of information is truly mind-blowing.

Either way, we can use the lack of information to finally wish for our content and features that need to be added to the new release. Even though a full overhaul of the series is doubtful, there are specific tweaks that can be made to make it more appealing to players. With that in mind, let’s name a few of our own that will significantly improve the upcoming sports game.

Additional Career Mode

The career mode in the WWE video game franchise has been a controversy ever since it was added in WWE 2K15. The creators tried to make it free-flowing where you could essentially select your rivalries. However, career mode has always been a mess that didn’t provide any incentive for the player. Thankfully, this all changed in WWE 2K19 thanks to a lovely story mode. We would like to see another story like this to keep players coming back for more.

Career Mode for Women

If the WWE franchise can add this to the latest release, it will make a statement to the rest of the video game industry. It will also create much more content for players to enjoy while appealing to female gamers to enjoy a game with a new twist that will pique interest with women around the world. Can you imagine two different career modes in one wrestling game with all the superstars that we came to love?

GM Mode

This is undoubtedly one of the craziest ideas, but can you imagine a GM Mode in the new WWE 2K20? This is undoubtedly one of the biggest requests for the last few years, so if the WWE team is listening, now is the time. Enjoying a game with both an arcade experience and a managerial experience in one package is something that will appeal to players around the world. More content is always better than a lack of content, and if one of the above can be met, we will greatly appreciate it.