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Almost half of all small businesses regard the biggest challenge they face to be not enough sales.

This means we have feast and famine cycles that we struggle to escape: Either too much business or not enough.

This is bad for business, bad for the soul, and even worse for the bank balance.

The key to any regular business success is to grow sales consistently. Erratic selling creates all sorts of cash-flow problems, any one of which might be our last.

At Business Warriors we help you sell more by building simple routines that lead to consistently growing sales.

If you get lost or overwhelmed we're on call via an online forum, email or phone.

William Ainslie says: The daily selling e-mail is very valuable to me - I've increased my sales by 10% over the last 2 months as a direct consequence of your input.

When you join Business Warriors you get Peter Carruthers as your Non-Executive Marketing and Sales Director.

When you join Business Warriors you get 30 years of small business marketing and selling expertise, in online and offline businesses. You share the experience gained over three decades helping and advising more than 6000 small businesses in four countries.

I don't ask for a contract, so I can never hold you over a barrel if you do not feel I do not perform. However, more than 400 small businesses are so happy with their results that they keep me on retainer.

How many more sales do you need to make each month to justify a $21.97/month investment to retain me as your Non-Executive Marketing Director?

Your investment buys you:

  • a sounding board with 30 years of small business experience;
  • an impartial advisor without a hidden agenda;
  • daily encouragement for you (and your team) to focus on selling for long enough to make a big difference;
  • a community of peers facing the same daily challenges as you.

Dr Frank Muller says this: I've seen a 30% rise in monthly income since I started implementing the Selling Salts 3 months ago. That averages out to 10%/month.

You will find a whole lot more detail about Business Warriors offers here.

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