The well-known first-person shooter games from the Call of Duty series has brought us an excellent range of online multiplier opportunities, but for most, it’s the latest games they present that’s always the most attractive!

WWII might not be the latest anymore, but it still manages to deliver a unique multiplayer experience that introduces new features for the online world. As suggested by the name, the game is all about the second world war, which took place in the 1940s. Therefore, modern guns and special fighting skills don’t form part of the game. Instead, it’s all about sharp shooting, superfast responses and finding your way through the large maps to be among the last ones standing.

Many compare the game to COD Advanced Warfare, especially when it comes to the time to kill, which is extremely fast in the game. Therefore, you’ll need to be really quick with the shots, and they’ll need to accurate for you to be successful in the rounds. Of course, it takes time, especially for someone who doesn’t spend a couple of hours a day playing PC games. Luckily, the developers provide an excellent range of features to help you progress, including brilliant weapons!

The COD WWII Online Guns

Even though many guns are available, there are a few that stand out and should be taken if made available. The online game developers are always adding new weapons, making the game an ever-changing challenge.


The PPSH has to be on just about every list of weapons, especially with games revolving around WWII. Firstly, the gun offers a fair time to kill, it’s certainly not the fastest, but also far from the slowest, but the thing that makes it a great option is the recoil control that allows you to keep the focus on your target. Secondly, it comes with a large magazine that allows you to kill one after the other without having to find a place to hide while you change the mag. It also reloads fast, making it a deadly option without losing too much of the firepower.


The Sten is a gun well worth having if the time to kill has to be super-fast for your gaming style. On top of that, it’s easy to use and extremely accurate while also being able to shoot long distance. It also offers a large mag and reloads even faster than the PPSH, but the recoil isn’t as good. However, if you learn to control the trigger, this is sure to be a gun that has it all!


The BAR is yet another weapon that professional players like to use as it’s fast, accurate and even the recoil is really good. As with the Sten, it offers a 3-shot kill range, but for it to be used accurately, you have to be able to control your aim, or this will be a weapon that get’s you killed more often than not. It’s well worth getting in the practice with the gun as it really makes a difference, especially for the longer distance slots.