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Atari Hotel Shows Concept Art

The GSD Holding Group announced in 2020 that they’d create resorts themed around gaming

Star Wars Squadrons Review

Electronic Arts have released its latest video game under the Star Wars IP. Named

Challenges with Creating an Effective COVID-19 Vaccine

Doctor Anthony Fauci revealed disturbing evidence that’s put fear into the hearts of millions

British Airways Pilots Association Accept Government’s Deal

The British Airways Pilots Association announced that they’d accepted a deal with the United

British Airways Retiring All Boeing 747s.

The fleet of Boeing 757s maintained by British Airways is slated to retire after

Uber Forcing Face Masks Onto Drivers

The United Kingdom is seeing a resurgence of COVID-19 infections, creating significant concerns that

Samsung Heir Facing Prison Sentencing

The South Korean Court System is implicating Jay Lee for a 2nd time, which

Hong Kong Civilians Fight Back Against China

Protests have returned to the streets of Hong Kong, prompting numerous businesses that were

NYC Limits Delivery Fees at 20%

Restaurants located in New York City began complaining in April that “Food Delivery Applications”

Google & Amazon Make Shocking Announcements

Two announcements surprised business analysts worldwide, with these revelations on the Google Company and