Madden NFL 19 Review

Madden NFL 19 maintains its primary focus where it’s needed: the moment-to-moment gameplay functionality. The 2019 entry promises a better franchise experience, improved player motion, and the return of hometown heroes as a new chapter unfolds in the Longshot story mode. However, does Madden NFL 19 contain the necessary balance to keep long-time fans and newcomers satisfied? In short: most definitely.

Real Player Motion

The real player motion offered in the latest Madden NFL 19 video game is considered the marquee enhancement when it comes to gameplay, allowing more control in terms of game-changing situations. This is the second series that utilizes the Frostbite engine and its extremely apparent that the team at Frostbite is learning a great deal on how to maximise the engine’s technology.

You can instantly see the difference thanks to the incredible fluidity that players provide on the field. There are loads of basic moves, such as jukes, spins, and the capability to adjust the speed that all look remarkable. It’s definitely a huge improvement that you will notice across the board, including tackling, cuts, speed changes, and more. The overall feel of the game has improved a great deal, and the controls also received loads of enhancements. On either side of the ball, a noticeable bump has been infused into player interactions when compared to the previous release. EA has done a terrific job in capturing the impact, momentum, and speed of football in their latest release. The power of the Frostbite engine along with a PS4 Pro or Xbox One X is something to see. The visual presentation is unbelievable, and the graphics are absolutely amazing. Everything looks quite realistic, including the menus and how everything is combined together.

Customisation Options

EA has finally decided to add customisation options in the latest release, allowing the community to create and develop their own draft classes. This brand-new mechanic provides a new layer of excitement and realism to the overall experience. Once you make it to the third week of the season, you’ll be able to save draft classes and share them which will encourage all fans to download classes that contain the most notable athletes in football. You’ll definitely feel more connected to your team.

The Franchise mode has also included defensive and offensive schemes. Although diehard fans might not see a benefit, casual players will definitely appreciate the added assistance as this will essentially highlight the best players when it comes to drafts, free agency, and trades. The only true downfall to Madden NFL 19 is the lack of a compelling story mode that fails when it comes to recapturing the magic that the first game produced. Thankfully, Madden 19 has managed to crack the repetitive feel that previously made it difficult to continue match after match. Another impressive feat is the Real Player Motion that provides a truly fluid experience, while Franchise mode offers a great deal of customisation which offers an additional serving of realism. It’s definitely worth checking out!