Sports-inspired video games appeal to both sports fanatics and PC, Xbox and PlayStation gamers. Even casino slot players have access to hundreds of sports-themed video slots, based on all types of sport including racing, soccer, rugby, football, cricket and NBA. The list of the best sport-inspired video games is quite extensive, and we take a look at the top 15 most popular sports across the next two weeks.

Madden Football

In 2000, Electronic Arts created Madden Football, a game that featured next-generation graphics that appealed to every gamer. The game was created for PlayStation2, and it became hugely popular with players of all ages.

NBA Street Volume 2

In 2003, EA Sports BIG developed NBA Street 2 due to the success of the NBA Street game. Volume two of NBA Street was as much fun as the first release and played by millions of NBA fans.

Wave Race 64

Nintendo had already made a name for themselves with all game lovers around the globe and in 1996 created Wave Race 64. The game was most enjoyed for it’s sitting sideways.

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit

EA Black Box created Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit in 2002 and for many, it was the first racing game that satisfied racing fans desire to downshift and being pulled over by Officer Polanski. The most satisfying part of the game was that it allowed you to break the law without real consequences.

NCAA March Madness

EA Sports is the creator of the NCAA March Madness game based on basketball. , and it was hugely favoured by fans of the NCAA. The fun part is that most players thought that J.J. Redick inspired the fellow with the porcelain jaw and gelled hair.

Cruis’n USA

Midway Games created Cruis’n USA in 1994 and this classic game inspired by racing required players to select a car before driving like a pro.

SSX Tricky

SSX Tricky is an EA Sports BIG created game launched in 2001; it became one of the most popular snowboarding games at the time. The game was inspired by a decade of snowboarding and offered players the opportunity to enjoy flying squirrel backflips.

MLB The Show 17

Sony Interactive Entertainment created the MLB The Show 17 game in 2017, which was perfect for baseball fans. Some of the best parts of the game were the digital bat flips.

Golden Tee

Incredible Technologies created the game called Golden Tee back in 1989, and it became known as a sure way to transform grown men into loud players.

Madden NFL 96

EA Tiburon in 1995 developed a game called the Madden NFL 96; it was the first game by Madden that offered a player mode. This made the Madden Football 96 game a step in the right direction for all players who enjoyed sports-themed games. Due to popularity, the next game called Madden Football 64 was released not long after although it was not as popular due to non-NFL teams. Both games offered a more realistic feel as well as better controls.