The FIFA franchise has been consistent for the past seven years. However, some believe that it might have been too stagnant before the company decided to introduce the innovative single-player mode along with enhanced graphics in FIFA 17. FIFA 18 has managed to build on this foundation and introduced new layers to make the game even more impressive.

More Responsive and Smoother

Finesse shots, power shots, tackles, running, first touch, and passes feel much more realistic. For years, players have criticised the animation quality when it came to running across the field. However, the latest instalment has managed to rectify this superbly. Thanks to the Player Motion Technology, you can literally see the impact it has on every move.

Players glide smoothly while sprinting or back-pedalling to get the ball or when they attempt to get into their position to mark a striker. You will also notice that the choppy animations from previous instalments have been removed. Passing has also been improved, and the ball seems heavier in FIFA 18, which is a good thing. This makes shots and passes more important in the game as well.

A Greater Challenge

CPU defenders are both smarter and better in terms of stopping runs or creating difficult challenges. You can only score a goal when you set yourself up properly in the game or when there’s a mistake made by the CPU players in terms of skill and speed.

As previously mentioned, the ball physics is absolutely spot on. If you don’t kick the ball with enough power, you will instantly notice the difference on the pitch which adds an extra layer of focus to your overall gameplay. The same can be seen when you look at player-to-player physics as they collapse and stumble very realistically. A simple touch of a player’s foot will allow them to go down.

The replays or near misses and goals are also spectacular to watch. This will give you more appreciation of the game and the attention to detail that went into the new FIFA 18. You will also notice that some players are not talented enough to pull off unbelievable dribbling skills. This is definitely noticeable when you play with Lionel Messi for instance. The player personalities are felt more in the latest instalment, making the game more enjoyable and rewarding when it comes to control.

The Journey 2

Most players like the story mode in FIFA 17, and with the new addition, players will fall in love with it this time around. The story revolves around Alex Hunter in Brazil where he is challenged to play a game of street soccer. You will also appreciate the narrative and strong voice acting of the player as he progresses through the ranks to become a football star.

The overall visualisation of the game is fantastic, to say the least, and the gameplay mechanics received huge improvements to make the game more appealing to players. It’s definitely worth getting if you are a serious football fanatic.