Unquestionably one of the most enjoyed video games ever produced, Super Smash Bros offers a massive and most diverse roster. It is loved by thousands for the ton of items offered to constantly shake up the gaming action, while more than 100 stages provide players with the most amazing characters ever created for video games.

Few Hiccups with Online Launch of Ultimate Super Smash Bros

Providing games with hours and hours of highly enjoyable entertainment there is really one area that might keep Super Smash Bros from being the perfect game in every way. Around a week after the launch of multiplayer online Super Smash brother leave quite a lot to be desired and is notorious for laggy play and this makes it unplayable for players. Since then a lot has improved in terms of the lag, although it is still prevalent and the main reason why the online version is a disappointment to most fans. The developers of Super Smash Bros are working on it and hopefully, all the kinks will be sorted in a few months.

New Characters Added

Aside from the online struggle, Super Smash Bros is a great game that lives up to its claim to offer the ultimate Super Smash Bros experience. As discussed earlier the roster is impressive and apart from featuring all the usual characters, quite a few new ones are added. Fans have asked for characters such as King K Rool and Melee to be added, while the recently added characters also include Incinerator.

Super Smash Bros – Ultimate Multiplayer Experience

It is a multiplayer gaming experience that also enables players to enjoy single player content, which is why Super Smash Bros remains a popular option and this time Super Smash Bros features a strong story mode, the world of light starting off with cut-scenes reminiscent of scenes from the Brawl’s subspace emissary. It, unfortunately, does not match the fun story of the Brawl’s although it provides a surprising gameplay experience.

World of Light Experience

Most of the game’s spirits can be unlocked in the world of light stage, which makes for an interesting addition to the game. The spirits in Super Smash Bros Ultimate are various characters with special attributes and once unlocked these can be levelled up to offer tougher fighters. Players enjoy the freedom to micromanage the spirits, should they wish, although those who prefer to get straight into the fast action can select to automatically have the best of the spirits when they enter a challenge.

Exclusive to Nintendo Switch, Super Smash Bros Ultimate offers almost endless replay-ability and once all the tiny bits are sorted with the online functionality, the game will be the best in the series, and it is highly recommended to all. It is now available in shops around the world and could make an amazing gift for any player who enjoys both online, offline, multiplayer and single play.