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Spain Q3 Betting Revenue Drops by 6%

Spain Game Management Directive issued announced regarding the quarterly earnings sustained throughout Q3 2020,

Virginia State Launching Sportsbooks in 2021

The United States of America has seen prominent growth throughout it’s sportsbetting industry in

McDonald’s Extends Closure of American Dining Rooms

Dining rooms for McDonald’s across the United States are postponing their reopening. This follows

Ubisoft Terminates Top Executives Amid Proven Allegations

The video game industry is reeling after learning that Ubisoft has terminated multiple high-ranking

American Airlines Will Furlough 30% of Their Workforce

Twenty thousand individuals will be without jobs by Fall 2020, which follows after American

Starbucks Terminates Advertisements on Facebook and Instagram

The Facebook Company is losing significant problems amid the Black Lives Matter Movement. Multiple

Cold War with China

The cold war between China and the United State is expected to be a

Ikea Reopens in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has continuously proven themselves ignorant towards the unsafe conditions of COVID-19.

Sir Richard Branson Sells $500 Million in Stocks.

Shocking news was made throughout the investment community on May 11th. It was announced

Warrant Buffett Sells Airline Stocks

The American investment community was shocked to learn that Warren Buffett, one of the