Choosing a racing game on PC is not an easy task. There are tons of aspects to consider, ranging from the sound design to the overall graphics along with cars and tracks are also thrown into the mix. Does it provide a genuinely captivating experience at high speeds? Are the controls as realistic as possible? And is there diversity when it comes to the car selection and the available tracks? To make your life a little easier, we decided to list the very best racing games that are currently available on PC.

Forza Horizon 4

The latest racing game from Playground Games takes you in a thrilling adventure through the British Isles with Forza Horizon 4. The 10-hour campaign will allow you to race through the British villages, Lake District, and the Scottish Highlands. You will also need to adapt to the weather conditions that change between winter, autumn, summer, and spring. You can enjoy endurance tests, stunt jumps, co-op campaigns, seasonal championships, and traditional races too. The game also comes equipped with remarkable cars and tons of modifications to satisfy even the most avid racer.

Dirt Rally 2

If you don’t understand the difference between your driveshaft and pace notes, this game is not recommended for you. In the new Dirt Rally 2, the co-driver will provide you with directions, numbers, and launch instructions at a breakneck pace and if you are unable to handle hairpin bends and the various terrains that come with it, you’ll quickly end up smashing a tree. The game provides one of the most realistic rally experiences ever on PC and is highly demanding on your skills and abilities to get the car around each bend in the quickest time possible. The game also boasts with a wide selection of vehicles and tons of nail-biting courses that need some serious attention.

Shift 2

This game is undoubtedly the best mixture of accessibility and realism. Unlike other racing games that provide a simplistic view over the hood or at the bumper of the car, this game offers a gazing view when you take a corner. If it’s a gentle left-hand corner, your view will shift slightly to look at the apex. If it’s a sharper corner, the view will swing more drastically to give you a better sense of where you are going. Apart from this unique technology, it also offers tons of incredible tracks along with plenty of cars to keep you playing for hours on end.

Project Cars 2

Project Cars 2 comes equipped with more than 180 different cars, over 130 different tracks, 60 remarkable venues, close to 30 different motorsport series, and nine motorsport disciplines. This alone is enough to sell you on the game. However, that’s only the beginning of this remarkable game. You will also find exceptional graphics, marvellous animation quality, and sensational sound effects along with a realistic driving experience that is unmatched by any other game that dares to call itself a racing simulator.