NBA 2K19 is a dominant force in the sports video game category and brings with it huge expectations. Expectations that we believe have been met. Although there is plenty of room for improvements, every sports fanatic in the world will still be pleased with the overall result.

NBA 2K19 Gameplay

The overall gameplay functionality was easy to understand and extremely smooth when compared to previous versions where the difference in overall gameplay was difficult to get used to. This includes improved handling, dribbling, and timing of shots. However, the latest version feels effortless when it comes to players moving off and on the ball. That places you at the heart of the action while being in full control of your favourite NBA players, both present and past.

Star NBA players stand out immensely, and gamers will be pleased with how the abilities of each player are perfectly translated into the overall gameplay. The dribbling is absolutely mind-blowing and provides a huge variety of skills to embarrass other online players and your friends. The silky smooth ball handling with lifelike and easy transitioning into a pass or shot gives players an enjoyable and action-packed experience.

There have been loads of improvements made in terms of offensive moves which means the defense is going to be a lot trickier. This is due to the fact that NBA 2K19 has managed to find the perfect balance between blocks and steals. You will also be able to enjoy interviews from NBA legends, while Kenny, Ernie, and Shaq return to the game as hosts and analysts. This gives you the impression that you are watching a live match on television.

MyTeam and MyCareer

The MyCareer mode in NBA 2K19 focuses a great deal on the story and impresses with a celebrity cast, ranging from Anthony Mackie to Michael Rappaport. The story is based on getting into the NBA as you watch how everything plays out in pure movie fashion. However, earning VC is a slow process which can be quite frustrating at times. If you don’t use the micro-transactions in the game, the road to eventually kit your player out with the best accessories and gear is going to be a tedious and long experience.

The MyTeam mode also suffers from the VC earning issue and will require loads of time to finally create and build a perfect roster. NBA 2K19’s MyTeam mode is very similar to the previous version with the exception of new players and a new game mode that will allow you to play games and attempt to keep a winning streak. A high winning streak will reward you with better prices. There’s even a 3v3 mode that will give you the opportunity to pick your three favourite players to go head-to-head with either AI or other online players. Although all these modes are fantastic, the VC that is required to build a decent team will keep you grinding for days, and that is quite useless unless you spend more money.