As most might remember, the Hitman franchise was in limbo during 2017 when it came to their future. After Square Enix sold IO Interactive, the game developer was lucky enough to claim the IP rights. However, it wasn’t until IO Interactive formed a partnership deal with Warner Bros that fans of the franchise could finally breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that the stealth-action series wasn’t in danger anymore.

However, the transition still had a huge effect on IO Interactive as Hitman 2 was already deep in production at the time and the studio was forced to downsize after splitting with Square Enix. Although IO Interactive’s losses are regrettable, Hitman fans should still be pleased to know that the team members that remained managed to produce a fantastic sequel that is as deadly and sharp as ever.

Loads of New Improvements

Hitman 2 managed to ditch the unpopular episodic model that was found in the 2016 release and allow gamers to experience 6 brand-new locations from the start. The beautifully rendered locations in the sequel offer a glorious amount of eye candy to players along with a decent selection of lived-in, large worlds that provide countless ways to interact with each environment in the game with NPC’s and objects within them. What’s even more impressive is that each location comes equipped with its own design layout, presenting loads of unforgettable moment that will allow gamers to assassinate a target in any way imaginable. The sequel, therefore, offers a phenomenal high replay rate with tons of exceptional improvements when compared to the previous instalment.

The Different Levels and Missions

The Mumbai level is proof that the new Hitman 2 is far more refined than the first instalment, as IO Interactive portrays the Indian city with loads of possibilities. It’s maze-like layout and heavily congested streets with tenements and crowded buildings provide a fantastic environment for gamers that looks absolutely incredible at the same time. Agent 47 can easily hide from those that are pursuing him by simply stepping into a large group of people or ducking in dense foliage.

The mission in Miami is another perfect example of how IO Interactive managed to turn things up in the new Hitman 2 game when it comes to scope, with gamers having to navigate a vibrant, loud, and active raceway chock filled with areas and NPC’s to explore. Even when you look at the smaller levels, including Whittleton Creek, you will immediately notice the rich potential that is available in the game.

The best thing about the new Hitman 2 game takes place when gamers are forced to improvise once their initial plans don’t go their way. Whether Agent 47 is caught mid-kill, spotted by a camera, or when he lingers around a high profile area, there are several ways for your strategy to fall apart, and I ensured that the maps continue to be challenging when it comes to this aspect of the game.