After the Nintendo Switch was revealed to the world, fans of Pokémon have been patiently waiting for a brand-new series to be developed on its system. While that project is still in its development stages, Nintendo and Game Freak decided to release Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee and Let’s Go Pikachu in the meantime to keep their die-hard fans at bay and to attract more casual players. However, with a focus on the casual gamer, some die-hard Pokémon fans might be wondering whether Pokémon Let’s Go will be worth it.

The Casual Approach on the new Pokémon Let’s Go Game

It’s quite understandable that most fans were concerned over the casual approach featured in the Pokémon Let’s Go series, which is achieved primarily by its implementation of features from Pokémon Go. There’s no denying that the influence from Pokémon Go had a significant impact on the core gameplay features for the franchise in Let’s Go. However, most of these changes provide a positive spin to the series.

In Pokémon Let’s Go, gamers won’t have to spend time battling it out against wild Pokémon. Instead, they simply need to attempt to catch their Pokémon thanks to a catching system which has been ripped from Pokémon Go. While this might sound like a horrible idea to long-time Pokémon fans, it’s actually a rather innovative feature. It will cut out the wasted time gamers will spend fighting Zubats and other irritating monsters, allowing them to catch far more Pokémon in the process.

Pokémon Let’s Go Offers Loads of Improvements

Encountering wild Pokémon is far more improved when you look at the new Pokémon Let’s Go game thanks to the removal of randomly activated encounters. Previous games quickly turned nightmarish when exploring the virtual world due to an overwhelming amount of random encounters. However, the new Pokémon Let’s Go game drops this entirely thanks to the Dragon Quest-like gaming system where players can see wild Pokémon while exploring the virtual world. Not only does this look absolutely stunning, but players will also have the opportunity to decide which Pokémon they would like to obtain, making the hunting process for more rewarding in the game.

Another area where the new Pokémon Let’s Go game has seen significant improvements is in its endgame content. The Pokémon Let’s Go endgame revolves around the quest to catch them all. However, gamers will also have the ability to challenge Master Trainers and catch shiny new Pokémon. With catch combos and shiny charms, catching a sizable number of Pokémon is quite feasible for casual gamers as well.

The last improvement that fans will appreciate is the fact that the overall gameplay functionality has also seen some significant improvements. Everything in the game has been streamlined, including the fact that HM’s have been replaced by hidden techniques. The new Pokémon Let’s Go is regarded as the fastest-paced game in existence and due to the fact that gamers will yet again explore the Kanto region, it truly assists the game from feeling too monotonous or repetitive.