Fallout 76, the latest release from Bethesda, has been plagued with controversy and drama since it was initially announced. The open-world multiplayer take on the universe of Fallout aims to do things rather differently this time round by placing an emphasis on survival and crafting as oppose to structured open-world narrative and decision-making. Unfortunately, the overall result is not going to please anyone.

Get Ready for Loads of Bugs

It should come as no surprise that the latest game from Bethesda, Fallout 76, is living up to the reputation of the franchise of releasing a game filled with an almost endless list of bugs, ranging from endearing and comical to frustrating and game-breaking. The combination of bugs in an always online game is rather deadly, leading to several problems that can only be resolved by rebooting the game. Thankfully, the franchise did release a 40+ GB patch recently that assisted in resolving a wide variety of these problems. However, there are still loads of technical bugs to resolve over the next couple of months and Bethesda are working hard to ensure they are fixed as soon as humanly possible.

Even if you remove all the bugs that leads to restarting the game on numerous occasions during a gaming session, the overall experience still leaves loads to be desired. As previously mentioned, Fallout 76 placed a lot of focus on exploration and survival. The post-apocalyptic world of West Virginia showcased in the new Fallout 76 looks incredible. Although the graphics provide the same problems as that of Fallout 4, you can’t help but admire the vast and beautiful scenery each time you play the game. There are tons of awesome quests and locations situated across the deserted landscape and just the exploration alone is more than enough to motivate players to reach the end of the game.

Survival Mechanics

Apart from the amazing exploration abilities embedded in the game, players will need to stay disease-free, fed, and hydrated. This might appeal to a handful of players, but most will seek something that still resembles the core values found in other Fallout titles. There were countless times where we had to completely abandon a captivating area just to hunt for a meal or boil water to stay hydrated. These unnecessary challenges felt like a constant annoyance that seemed to have players avoid the best features of the game and simply provided tension with every passing hour.

We’re not saying that crafting and gathering is a bad thing as it still offers the ability to collect resources across the wasteland like before which helps with improving weapons and armor like previous Fallout releases. But the fact that there’s an emphasis placed on this more than ever makes it incredibly difficult to fully enjoy the game. Apart from this, there are a wide range of features that certainly appealed to us which we consider to be a huge improvement on the previous installments and with patches being released to fix most bugs, it will eventually become a great game.