Tiki Terror from OneTouch

OneTouch Games brings online bettors everywhere the opportunity to explore a haunted swampland in Hawaii with their latest game, Tiki Terror. Built with 5 Reels & 50 Paylines, consumers can experience a darkened theme that focuses on creating fear out of players. Graphically speaking, the visuals aren’t disappointing and creates an environment that leaves consumers wanting to explore further into the swamplands.

The five reels available are shrouded in a dense fog that lays above the swamp, with minimal daylight fading away through the darkening treeline. Murky black water covers the bottom rows, with decaying wood from destroyed Tiki Totem Poles scouring the swamplands. These decayed totems are the only chance players have at travelling further into, or out of the swamplands. Sound effects are coherent with the theme, assisting in the haunted environment obtained through Tiki Terror from OneTouch.

Tiki Terror supports multiple winning opportunities for bettors, which are awarded when three adjacent symbols match on adjacent reels in the left-to-right format. All symbols displayed hold mysterious capabilities that can thrive payouts, which are listed at a percentage of 96.66%. Players are permitted access to Tiki Terror on their mobile devices & desktop computers, giving payout opportunities to players at all times.

Slot Features & Final Thoughts

Tiki Terror follows the standard formal of 5-Reel Video Slots, with the Wild symbol being the 1st feature available to consumers. Bats cover a decaying piece of wood in the swamplands, which appear on the reels & can active the Tiki Terror Sticky Wild. Animations are shown whenever the feature is awarded, allowing for wild-enabled decaying wood symbols to stick onto the reels. Another spin is engaged after the feature has finished its selection, prompting a multitude of low-to-high valued payouts.

Free spins are enabled with Tiki Terror from OneTouch. Six Tiki Torches must appear on the reels in consistent paylines to activate the free spins round, with retriggering opportunities supported. It’s known that 100 free games are obtainable via this bonus round, with payouts awarded on a multiplier based by the wagered bet.

Conclusively, OneTouch has created an entertaining video slot that maintains high payouts & haunted things. This combination is perfect as 2020 dawns closer to October 31st.