Modern Warfare Receiving Additional Content in 2020

Popularity for video games hasn’t ever been higher in history, with billions of consumers worldwide looking to acquire the latest generation of consoles. The Covid-19 Pandemic saw millions of civilian personnel uninterested by video games consider this form of entertainment for the first time. It saw financially, the most remarkable year for video game sales. When all other industries struggled to acquire finances & sustain themselves through the pandemic, video games have increased their popularity tenfold.

New gamers allowed for an older franchise to regain its momentum, with more than one billion players purchasing “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” worldwide. It was expected that after releasing Black Ops Cold War for this year, 2019s edition of Call of Duty wouldn’t be supported by Activision any longer. Gamers have rejoiced to learn that for the first time in franchise history, older titles will continue receiving additional content after it’s initial twelve months of post-launch gameplay.

Future Updates

Infinity Ward announced that multiple updates are planned for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for 2020. Unknown to gamers, the namesake of those content releases are changing to benefit Black Ops Cold War. Rumours indicate that future updates from Modern Warfare won’t be “Free-of-Charge” like 2019s content release schedule. The reasoning for this is because Activision is dedicating all free content towards Black Ops Cold War. However, these rumours haven’t been confirmed. Infinity Wards made confirmations that additional content is inevitable & right around the corner.

This is promising information for millions of gamers that favour Modern Warfare over Black Ops Cold War. Shockingly, Activision would permit Infinity Ward to continue releasing content for Modern Warfare, with the publishing house revealing weeks ago that battle passes with Warzone will be linked towards Black Ops Cold War. The exclusive method Modern Warfare can introduce additional content is via DLC, which would likely cost $15.00 to $25.00.