Apple & Microsoft Announce Support for Xbox Controller

Nobody would anticipate that the Microsoft Company & Apple Corporation would together towards making the Xbox Series Controllers supportive for all iPhones/iPads. However, that announcement was made on November 23rd. An increase in mobile gaming popularity has surged throughout the United States, with influential titles like “Call of Duty Mobile” seeing millions of active gamers. Those players are also consumers that have requested controller support for months. Requests are being met, with patches being implemented into iOS & the Xbox Ecosystem to permit support across iPads or iPhones. Details regarding when this update will release hasn’t been clarified.

It’s shocking that Microsoft is working alongside Apple on this venture. It was less than two months prior that Apple banned the Xbox xCloud from being operational of the iOS Store, taking a substantial player-base away from Microsoft. However, possible profits acquirable with gamers using the iOS ecosystem is more important than sustaining a grudge. It shows the notable differences between these two companies, with one refusing to adopt innovations & the other working towards creating new opportunities for consumers. It’s because Apple likes when others do all their work for them.

The Xbox Elite Controller Two & Xbox Adaptive Controller are received support earlier this year. However, that support was given before problems between Microsoft & Apple had begun. Some gamers are now questioning if Xbox is demanding Apple permit the xCloud service onto the Apple store for continued support. That bullish behaviour isn’t standard to Microsoft but would force Tim Cook to stop stifling innovation.

Sony Integration

Details regarding when certification of this update will be release wasn’t provided by the Apple Company. Rumours also suggest that Apple is working alongside Sony to create DualSense support. That would likely anger Microsoft, who have gone purposely out of their weigh to continue a partnership with Apple. Working secretly with Sony would likely result in that partnership being terminated effective immediately.