Hong Kong Civilians Fight Back Against China

Protests have returned to the streets of Hong Kong, prompting numerous businesses that were slated to reopen amid the lifted restrictions to return to closure status. This follows after the Chinese Communist Party introduced new legislation alongside the Hong Kong Government, which will be voted on later this week. This marks the most significant protest in Hong Kong since January 2020, with video evidence showing law enforcement firing tear cause towards civilians. Elderly were sprayed down with water cannons, with reports indicating that law enforcement killed a small percentage of these protestors.

Both Hong Kong & China have denied these claims, a standard for communist regimes. Civilians in this independent state have fought regularly towards keeping their democracy, avoiding the possibility of turning into a communist environment. Protests have been required with their respective politicians shifting in favour of China over their local civilians. This was proven when it was announced that Updated National Security Legislation, which would enable the Chinese Communist Regime to watch over all Hong Kong Citizens. Privacy would be utterly destroyed.

Law Enforcement warned civilians when this announcement was made that illegal gatherings & protests wouldn’t be permitted. This showed that police were anticipating the immediate backlash. It resulted in 180 Hong Kong Civilians being arrested for Illegal Assembly. Those standing behind the communist party of China didn’t walk away unscathed, with multiple members of law enforcement and their media liaison team receiving critical injuries.

The Reality

Activists noted that this violence wouldn’t end until Hong Kong Politicians understand that their citizens aren’t willing to move towards communism. These civilians don’t care about legislation that wants to be enacted in 1841, with more than sixteen decades passing since that time. Expecting Hong Kong Civilians to give up their freedom because of an outdated law is foolish. It’s for these core reasons that protests will continue, with three more planned for May 23rd and 24th.

These protests initially started in 2019, which followed after the government proposed legislation that would allow the Chinese Communist Party to extradite anybody, they deemed a criminal. This would’ve meant that anybody who spoke poorly about China would’ve been deported, arrested, and tortured for expressing their opinion.