Finest Sports Inspired Video Games of All Time

As technology improved so did sport-inspired games, most of the newer games featured better controls, more player interaction and better overall player experience. Last week we looked at the favourite games at the bottom of the top games list, and this week it is the hot favourites.

NHL Hitz 2002

Midway Games designed a brand-new game in 2001 called the NHL Hitz 2002, which was launched by GameCube and hockey-enthusiasts hail it the most godlike hockey game.

1080 Snowboarding

Nintendo creates the best games and even when you go as far back as 1998, the games were merely great. As the jump-off game for SSX, 1080 Snowboarding was hugely popular with hip snowboarders and loved for its characters.

NFL Blitz

Midway Games created NFL Blitz in 1997 designed to cater to all the gaming needs of football players. By removing all the boring parts, the game was perfect in every way and loved most for its violence. The NFL Blitz game also included football fans that misbehave, and it offered some great entertainment.

NCAA Football ‘07

EA Sports developed and released NCAA Football ’07 around 2006 for Xbox, and it hosted the 2007 NCAA tournaments.

FIFA ‘07

EA Sports was the developer of the FIFA’07 game released in 2006. While it was possible to pick the year, the FIFA’07 was the highlight of its all due to graphics and on-ball controls. The game allows players to feel like they’re skilled ball operators, which is the main reason this version was favoured over earlier editions. The best part was that you could play and enjoy a free kick once you’ve been excited by the Ronaldo highlights.

NBA 2K17

2K Sports created and released NBA 2K17 in 2017, and the franchised gained a massive player audience across the next couple of years. The popularity of the game was due to the exceptional attention to detail as well as the highly responsive algorithms. NBA 2K17 remains one favoured for its realistic play, and the best part is the game-winning three as well as hitting folks.

Backyard Baseball

Humongous Entertainment created Backyard Baseball in 1997, and players could pick their squad. This added to the gaming strategy in Backyard Baseball and kept baseball fans wholly hooked.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

Neversoft created the most popular sports-themed game of all times in 1999, and everyone regardless of age or gender knows Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater game. It is not only the most popular but also the most addictive video games of all times. It started a whole new generation of games, and most players spent hours and hours hooked on the game. The game enables participants to design parks, and the experience includes jump overs, and it kept everyone in a younger state of mind.

Whether you enjoyed skating or just loved action-packed games, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater also offered the best soundtrack, and most of the tracks became as popular as the game itself.