Ubisoft Terminates Top Executives Amid Proven Allegations

The video game industry is reeling after learning that Ubisoft has terminated multiple high-ranking executives. Their termination comes after allegations regarding abuse & harassment to employees at various studios was revealed. Ubisoft’s CEO was provided with a letter from 100+ personnel that reported abuse and harassment in Montreal’s studio. These allegations were proven right company-wide, forcing Ubisoft’s chief executive officer to implement significant changes to leaders & policies.

The harassment went beyond bullish remarked to active personnel. Female & Male staff members reported that they were sexually harassed from top-level executives, with workplace misconduct following after continued denial to oblige in sexual acts. It’s not surprising Ubisoft announced the termination of high-level executives, as those who were immediately at fault resigned when the story broke out. Those that remained weren’t aware that allegations had been made directly towards them.

Ubisoft’s Co-Founder & CEO Yves Guillemot will take on the role of “Chief Creative Officer”, which was previously held by Serge Hascoët. This man lost his job after being found guilty of allegations secretly made to him from various personnel. Similar fallout occurred for Yannis Mallat, the Managing Director of Ubisoft Canada. Workers testified in recorded footage that Yannis Mallat had participated in allegations made last month. It prompted Ubisoft’s CEO to terminate him effective immediately.

The Meeting with Investors

It’ll be challenging for Ubisoft to overcome these proven allegations, with multiple brands now tarnished. Yannis Mallat & Serge Hascoët oversaw the creation of Assassin’s Creed, Just Dance, Far Cry, and Watch Dogs. Considering that Ubisoft just announced sequels for all these respective franchises, with Yves Guillemot informing investors that sales will initially be low.

Investors were also told that the Ubisoft Human Resources Department would be restructured. This follows after Cecile Cornet, the Global Head of Human Resources for Ubisoft, was found ignoring allegations towards top-level executives for prolonged periods. She couldn’t be trusted any longer to protect workforces with their best interest in mind. Cecile will be removed from Ubisoft’s Paris Headquarters immediately after a new Global Head is located. Yves Guillemot has employed a top-tier management consulting firm to determine the best possible replacements & ensure the dignity of Ubisoft.