Upcoming Sports Video Games

There are hundreds of incredible sports video games on the market. However, gamers will always want more and its for this very reason that we decided to compile a list of the best upcoming sports video games for the remainder of 2019. This will give gamers a glimpse into the future and will allow you to save some money for a sports video game title that will arrive before 2020 knocks on your door.


The newest instalment from the creative minds at EA Sports is the new and improved FIFA 20. The game will come equipped with several game modes and tons of innovative features to keep you on the edge of your seat. Everything looks better and more improved, and we can’t wait for the game to be released on 27 September 2019. The new FIFA will have will have some great graphics, even better than before. By creating a more and more realistic soccer experience each year, the games start to look more and more like reality. Today, there are even betting options on different Esports, including on FIFA. Many of the online soccer betting sites are providing the option to bet on different professional teams of players in these events. It’s a thing worth taking a look at.

Football Manager 2020

The latest instalment from Sports Interactive Studio is essentially the sixteenth version of the most popular football manager game in existence. In the newest edition of Football Manager 2020, you will need to take on the role of a manager for a respectable club and manage every single aspect of the club, ranging from summer transfers through to injuries and players on the field. The game will be available on November 2019.

WWE 2K20

WWE 2K20 will be the next instalment of the wrestling franchise sports game, providing players with an action-packed line-up of wrestling superstars along with loads of entertaining game modes to choose from. With better graphics, better fighting sequences, and better animations, it should come as no surprise that everyone is waiting for 22 October 2019 when the game is launched worldwide.

NBA Live 20

If you are interested in a new basketball game filled with various game modes, phenomenal graphics, improved gameplay functionality, and licensed players from across the entire NBA and WNBA, you’ll be pleased to know that NBA Live 20 is going to hit the shelves in delay on late 2019 just before Christmas. Therefore, making it a perfect sports video game for friends, family, or just yourself.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

With the Olympic Games on the horizon for early next year, it’s only natural that a game developer decided to use this opportunity to create an athletic sports video game. Not only was an Olympic-themed game created, but SEGA and Nintendo decided to join forces once again to provide a fantastic Sonic vs Mario game filled with an extensive range of sports to keep you entertained. The game will be released worldwide on 30 September 2019.

Dunk Lords

If you keen on trying an arcade-style basketball game, we highly recommend playing the new Dunk Lords game in November 2019. This awesome sports game will come equipped with superhuman players that boast with superpowers to make the game more nail-biting and exciting that any simulation basketball game ever created. Make sure to keep an eye out for this game!