Sessions Skateboarding Simulator Review

Sessions the Game is more than just a skateboard game. A simple noseslide only takes a flick of the stick while playing Skate 3 and only needs a button to be pressed in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. In Sessions, however, you will need to have sufficient speed, the perfect approach angle, and several nuanced flicks on both the right and left sticks if you want to perform the trick.

If you are looking for an arcade skateboarding game, you will despise Sessions. However, if you want a skateboarding game that is more a simulator than an arcade game, you won’t find anything better. Sessions is a genuinely astonishing simulation of what it would be like to learn how to skateboard correctly. This creates tricks like short grinds and flips tricks a grand accomplishment in the game.

The one requirement of this game is the fact that you’ll need a gamepad to perform all the tricks in the game successfully. It’s nearly impossible to advance in the game if you plan on using your keyboard and mouse. Each stick on your controller will correspond with afoot. For instance, if you want to pop an ollie, you will need to hold down the right analogue stick and pop the left. If you wish to perform a shove-its, you will need to pull back on your right analogue stick and scoop the skateboard into the direction you want to rotate it while you slide the left analogue stick up to get the height.

Sessions essentially mimic a skateboarder’s feet along with the natural motions that come along with it to successfully pull off any trick. This means that you will fail 90% of the time, especially if you are new to the game. However, the game is based on real-life and the difficulty that comes with landing a trick.

The Environment & Features

The environment is Sessions is another factor that most gamers will struggle to understand. Instead of providing a well-designed skatepark, you will need to get far more creative with buildings, benches, picnic tables, and hedges. You will need to skate around and find a structure to perform a trick. You can also roam around empty spaces to learn how to ollie and kickflip, but the game is far more interesting than that.

The more you play the game, the more lines you’ll discover that will lead to more creativity in what you want to do. What’s even more impressive about this game is the fact that you can make your very own skate videos once you become a pro. The set comes equipped with a built-in clip-editing tool and a replay feature that will allow you to replay your previous session and get the best tricks from a wide range of camera angles. With so much freedom in a game, with methods that are so difficult to perform, you will struggle to leave the game alone once you get started.